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Our New Offering: Engineering Staffing

We started Cartwheel Web originally as a development consultancy. For years we architected, built, and managed software projects. Then we took on the challenge of becoming Vice Presidents of Engineering at BriteCore, the fastest-growing provider of insurance software. At BriteCore, Daniel discovered he had a passion for finding, interviewing, and hiring software engineers. Audrey discovered she had a passion for matching engineers to teams and roles where they could thrive and grow. Together, in under a year, Daniel and Audrey hired and placed over 70 engineers in exciting, challenging remote positions. These engineers were people with a deep love for the craft of software development. This had the effect of raising the quality of new code and documentation changes (pull requests) across BriteCore's code repositories.

With the BriteCore leadership team's support, we've decided to return to running Cartwheel Web with one major change: besides web development and books, we now offer engineering staffing and mentorship services.

A Little Bit About Us

Cartwheel Web is led by Daniel and Audrey Roy Greenfeld. We met at PyCon 2010, the conference for enthusiasts of the Python programming language. There, we sprinted on open source together for the first time. Before we knew it, we were married.

In 2011, we combined our freelance work into a formal consultancy called Cartwheel Web. In 2012, we started writing the Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.X series which evolved to become the unofficial best practices manual for the Django web framework.

We still love to code for fun whenever we can. There are so many exciting tools and frameworks that we've been experimenting with. We've started sharing more about our coding adventures through our blogs. Making time for lifelong learning is especially important for developers, and blogging keeps us honest about our self-driven commitment to keeping up with the fast-paced software world. You can read more about us and our work at:

Our team:

Daniel Roy Greenfeld

Audrey Roy Greenfeld