We <3 Python and JavaScript

A Little Bit About Us

Cartwheel Web is a boutique Python and JavaScript consulting firm.

Daniel and Audrey met at PyCon 2010, the conference for enthusiasts of the Python programming language. There, they sprinted on open source together for the first time. Before they knew it, they were married.

In 2011, they started consulting under the Cartwheel Web brand. In 2012, they started writing the Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.X series which evolved to become the unofficial best practices manual for the Django web framework.

In 2020, Cartwheel Web became a branch of Feldroy, with a greater focus on consulting services. In 2021 Cartwheel Web became a Protected Series (PS) under Feldroy, LLC.

Leadership Team

Audrey Roy Greenfeld

Daniel Roy Greenfeld

President and COO