Our vision

Rock-solid enterprise application development you can count on.

Our Services

We use the trust we've forged with software engineering communities around the world to create the best engineering teams on the planet.

Web Applications

By empowering great engineering teams with published standards and best practices, we ensure that our client's enterprise specifications are met the first time. By following industry standards, web applications are more maintainable and cost-effective.

Mobile Development

For the enterprise, empowering your employees to work from any device at any time, from anywhere in the world can be a daunting effort. We're here to help you overcome this challenge, either by creating native applications or using the modern web.

Project Management

Our best asset is our ability to communicate client specifications with our engineering teams. We diligently track our projects to ensure we deliver to specification on schedule. You always know where we stand.

Cloud and Serverless

The cloud revolutionized enterprise development, and we're seeing another game-changing shift with the advent of serverless deployments. By isolating heavy tasks in focused components constrained by built-in service contracts, well-designed Service-Oriented Architecture has become more attainable.

Legacy Site Modernization

Sometimes the answer isn't replacing older systems, but modernizing them. We'll help you evaluate which path to modernization is the correct one for your enterprise organization.


The best-implemented enterprise applications can fail if no one can use them. Our expertise in usability is deep, diving past normal UX design and into the legal world of ADA and Section 508 requirements.

Our Technologies

We use the best tools to build enterprise applications.
If a tool doesn't exist, we design and build it.





Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform


Our Leadership

In everything we do, we set the bar as high as possible. We're fanatical about quality, producing some of the best projects and books in the software industry.

Daniel Roy Greenfeld

Principal and CTO

Audrey Roy Greenfeld

Principal and CEO

Our Books

We are the authors of the leading books on Django web development best practices, used by companies all over the world.

April 2017

Two Scoops of Django 1.11

The latest edition of our book on Django and Python best practices, the book has been updated for Django 1.11, the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version of the framework (ensuring the book is current until at least April 2020). The language focus is on Python 3.6, allowing for the use of improved typing and asynchroncity.

March 2015

Two Scoops of Django 1.8

The previous edition of our book is still used heavily by enterprise Django shops around the world. The reason is that Django 1.8 is a Long Term Support (LTS) version of the framework, ensuring that the core team will continue to maintain it for at least another year. This stability is ideal for enterprise projects, ensuring security and maintainability over the lifetime of a project.

January 2014

Two Scoops of Django 1.6

While now useful only for legacy projects, the second edition of our book saw the first time we reached the Amazon top 100 for books sold.

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