Our Python and Django Books

We've written and published five editions of Two Scoops of Django as well as A Wedge of Django under the Two Scoops Press imprint. Two Scoops Press is now one of several Feldroy publishing imprints.

Two Scoops of Django 3.x

Once again, we're releasing a book chock-full of material that will help you with your Django projects!

In Two Scoops of Django we introduce you to various tips, tricks, patterns, code snippets, and techniques that we’ve picked up over the years. This book is an update and expansion of previous editions:

  • Updated for Django 3.x (which will be maintained by the core team until at least April 2024!)

  • Updated to match changes in the Django ecosystem, with corrections and clarifications added thanks to the feedback of our readers and technical reviewers.

  • Updated for Python 3.8 and/or 3.9

  • Revised material on nearly every topic within the book.

  • New material on GraphQL, Django REST Framework, security, forms, models, and more.

Two Scoops of Django 3.x is available at

A Wedge of Django

This book is a guided walkthrough where we build a real, production-quality Django web application from the ground up.

This book was formerly titled Django Crash Course. Originally a large part of our corporate training materials, this tutorial was once only available to companies paying $3000 a seat for in-person training. The contents of this book are professional-grade and have been used by real software companies to get their engineers up and running fast with Python 3.8 and Django 3.x development.

A Wedge of Django is available at

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