Security Reviews

Got a Python, Django, and/or JavaScript web application that needs a thorough security checkup? We're here for you. Our security reviews include:

  • Multi-point checks against each of the best practices in the Security chapter of our book, Two Scoops of Django 3.x

  • 10-100+ page reports identifying each security hole we've identified in your web application in detail

  • Actionable to-dos for each item found, providing your engineering teams concrete follow-up items to act upon

  • Triaging of security issues by critical, high, medium, low severity

  • Summaries suitable for use in SOC1 and SOC2 audit compliance reports

Web Application Evaluations

Cartwheel Web can perform an in-depth review of any Python or JavaScript web application project for you. This is useful for situations where it's unclear how much of a project has to be rewritten, such as:

  • Projects completed by outsourced web development agencies

  • Projects completed by interns or junior developers learning as they go along

  • Due diligence when evaluating a potential or current acquisition of a web property

  • Personal projects where you'd like an expert review

  • Other situations where you're unsure about the quality of one of your web applications