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Commercial Open Source Support
When it absolutely, positively has to work

Why do we provide professional support for our projects?

Let's face it. Your company's software is built by volunteers.

In the Python and Django world, all software relies on open-source components maintained by volunteers. This means that when your company uses these packages and runs into errors or needs help, your company is relying on volunteers.

Realistically, volunteers have other higher-priority obligations than the needs of your company. For them, work and family come first.

We wish we could say that we're different with our open-source projects, but the reality is that when two requests for help or bug fixes come in, the one coming from a customer on a support plan takes priority.

Which projects is this for?

If you're using any of our open-source projects commercially, you're in luck. We offer support plans for all of the projects that we maintain. This includes Cookiecutter, cookiecutter-django, dj-stripe, and more. See our list of open-source projects for a sampling, or email us for a comprehensive list.

Email us at [email protected] for more details.

Receive Expert Help

Our team has unparalleled expertise with our open source projects. We know our projects inside and out, so there is no one better to ask for help.

Why pay a non-expert to fix bugs or add features to one of our projects, when you can receive support directly from us?

Peace of Mind

Does your company or government organization require commercial-grade support for one of our open-source projects? Support plans can provide reassurance that you'll always be able to get business-quality support for the open-source packages that you use.

Our Silver, Gold, and Enterprise plans provide you with direct access to us for your support requests. Any fixes we make for our customers are provided back to the community.

Support Plans

Feature Community Silver Gold Enterprise
Licensed for Commercial Use
Setup and Installation Questions
Email Support
Phone Support
Support Hours 10am–4pm PST 9am–5pm PST 8am–6pm PST
Daily Case Allotment 1 per day 1 per day 5 per day
Critical (P1) Response Time 8 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
Major (P2) Response Time 24 Hours 16 Hours 8 Hours
Minor (P3) Response Time 72 Hours 48 Hours 24 Hours
Low (P4) Response Time 2 Weeks 1 Week 5 Days
For more details, contact us at [email protected].