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Open Source Projects
We code out in the open

Why do we work on open source?

Open source is our livelihood. If it weren't for Python, Django, and countless free and open-source libraries, we'd have to reinvent a lot of wheels and write significantly more code from scratch. Therefore, we feel that it's important to give back.

We try to be good citizens in the open-source community. We've open-sourced numerous projects of our own, and we contribute to many more projects by others.

Our Open-Source Projects

Below is a select sampling of projects that we maintain:

A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates.
A Cookiecutter template for creating production-ready Django projects quickly.
Django + Stripe Made Easy.
Django Packages is a directory of reusable apps, sites, and tools for Django projects.
A cookiecutter template for creating reusable Django packages quickly.
Ultra-lightweight pure Python package to check if a file is binary or text.
Django + Pagination made easy.
Django + Fighting spam made easy.

Other FOSS Contributions

Just as it is important to contribute back as Free and Open Source package authors and maintainers, we feel that it is also important to contribute to other people's projects. We are contributors to so many FOSS Python and Django packages that we have lost track.

Here is a select sampling of projects that we've contributed to:

Django, django-configurations, django-address, django-fack, django-markdownx, django-paypal, django-test-plus, django-allauth, django-braces, django-crispy-forms, django-filepicker, django-guardian, easy-thumbnails, sorl-thumbnail, django-honeypot, django-jsonview, django-friendship, django-tos, django-storages

Commercial Support

If your company requires enterprise-grade support for one or more of our open-source projects, consider signing up for one of our commercial open source support plans.