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Onsite Training
We fly to your office

Need to get your development team up to speed, fast?

We offer Python and Django training to:

All onsite trainings are taught by Daniel and Audrey Roy Greenfeld. We are available for trainings at your office anywhere in the world. These are intensive, bootcamp-style trainings that require 3- days of serious commitment and dedication.

In-Person Training Offerings

Choose from the following courses:

Your team will learn techniques for working with Django that will save months of development time and countless hours of refactoring.

We emphasize code quality, testing, version control, security, optimal architecture patterns for minimizing queries, and adherence to Django best practices from the start.

Need More Info?

To learn more about our course offerings and get a better feel for how our onsite trainings work, email us at [email protected] with information about your training needs.

We'll send you an email about what we recommend for your team, as well as a 10+ page PDF with all the details.

What Onsite Trainings Are Like

This is a glimpse into what it's like to work with us.

Captain Jonathan D. Miller says:

“Daniel and Audrey just ran the most effective, focused training course I've had the pleasure of attending. They worked tirelessly with me in the months leading up to the course so that it was tailored specifically for our squadron's development environment, and they followed up afterward to ensure that their slides were flawless for our continued reference.

At several points during the course, my developers took me aside to mention to me how impressed they were with the Greenfelds' quality of instruction, preparation, and attention to detail. Having two instructors was a true force multiplier -- we covered more ground on Python and Django than I thought possible. After four days we were already building working prototypes of our desired applications, and many in the class had never touched Python before!

Our squadron's return on investment for this course was remarkable. Daniel and Audrey have my strongest endorsement, and I know the 91st COS will be sending future developers.”

Jonathan D. Miller, Capt, US Air Force
91st Cyberspace Operations Squadron
Flight Commander - Software, Infrastructure, and Projects